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Helping You Make Sense Of Your Journey After Brain Injury

Foggy Waters

     Each brain injury survivor has a unique set of challenges and may question how to find harmony between their pre and post TBI selves. Even though everyone has a different brain injury experience and story, there are common threads between most survivors that make it possible for someone who is farther along on the survival journey to provide insightful understanding and advice for your situation.


     I'm Stacia Bissell, a brain injury coach and mentor offering one-on-one phone or Zoom sessions with brain injury survivors, caregivers and medical support providers that focus on ideas, hope and support. Working from a place of compassion and understanding, my mission is to relate collaboratively through shared experiences and learned techniques to promote healing and forward movement for the survivor.  

     The insight that I have developed through my own experience as a brain injury survivor from a 2011 bicycle accident establishes me as a trusted and credible guide and source of support to those trying to make sense of their journey after brain injury.

   In addition to mentoring services, I also offer informative and inspirational talks to organizations on various topics pertaining to brain injury.  Contact me the next time you are planning a function and would benefit from a professional and heartfelt keynote presentation about the journey through the obstacles that a brain injury survivor may face.

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