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Helping You Make Sense Of Your Journey After Brain Injury

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I work with brain injury survivors, their caregivers and medical support providers via phone or Zoom. Some people prefer just one session to collaborate on ideas while others may prefer ongoing weekly, bi-weekly or monthly relationship-building sessions. Coaching/mentoring sessions are 45 minutes. Contact me to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation to learn more about coaching, scheduling and pricing.

My personal message to you:  The insight that I have developed and share with my clients is through my own experience as a brain injury survivor from a 2011 bicycle accident. My journey of working to develop a positive recovery plan with a productive support team for my own education and healing has established me as a trusted and credible guide to anyone seeking understanding and harmony between their pre and post TBI selves. Let me get to know you better by contacting me for a free consultation.  You can get to know me better by reading and listening to some of my stories below about living life with a brain injury.

Read my articles or chapter on healing in the best selling book Deserts to Mountaintops: Choosing Our Healing Through Radical Self-Acceptanceor listen to my podcast interviews. There's even a song that was inspired by my story.

Deserts to Mountaintops: Choosing Our Healing Through Radical Self-Acceptance 

The Glass Box (pg.19)

The Porch (pg.5),  

Living in the Quiet (pg.7)

Losing Someone (pg.11)

Guest on Mind Your Brain podcast, 06/13/22, episode 16

Guest on Deserts to Mountaintops podcast, 01/25/24, S2 E1

Ghost in a Glass Box song by G-Note and the Tin Man

What Others Are Saying

Survivors and caregivers seem to respond very positively to the safe and nurturing environment Stacia creates. Possessing the perfect blend of empathy and understanding of the issues around TBI recovery, as well as a finely tuned set of professional skills, Stacia is a TBI resource person, par excellence. It is clear to all that Stacia has passion for the work and this special clientele.

Eileen L, LICSW and survivor

Stacia Bissell, M.Ed.

Best Selling Author, Coach, Educator

Workshop & Keynote Provider

Specializing in Personal and Professional Growth & Education Relating to Brain Injury

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