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Helping You Make Sense Of Your Journey After TBI


Public Speaking

Survivors and caregivers seem to respond very positively to the safe and nurturing environment Stacia creates. Possessing the perfect blend of empathy and understanding of the issues around TBI recovery, as well as a finely tuned set of professional skills, Stacia is a TBI resource person, par excellence. It is clear to all that Stacia has passion for the work and this special clientele.

Eileen L, LICSW and survivor

At 70 years old, a conditioned athlete, I t--boned a car on my bicycle and lost consciousness for about 30 minutes. The accident left me with a traumatic brain injury and physical injuries. My traumatic brain injury put me in an unfamiliar world with no experience how to cope with my emotions and physical injuries. 

Stacia Bissell, a life long friend and past colleague, heard about my injuries. She immediately reached out to me. She taught me every TBI is different and the healing path is an individual journey.

In the early months of my recovery, I was seeing a freight train at the end of the tunnel. Stacia guided me to view a recovery light at the other end. Her advice, guidance, wisdom and experience not only gave me excellent suggestions for healing, she gave me hope I would get better. Sharing her own TBI story with me, I trusted her judgment that I could eventually move forward with my life in a more normal state.

I cannot thank Stacia enough for providing her emotional and non-judgmental support to help me accept and address my TBI situation.

Rob G., Survivor

When I met her in person, I found that Stacia's warmth, acceptance and openness was a relief. I realized her education in the field of brain Injuries was vast. She was a support group leader and I decided to travel the hour to the group, plus I was curious. Stacia's clinical skills were impressive. No wonder referrals continue to be sent to her from medical providers and community members. Her mentoring is not to be missed. So often the world of TBI is so overwhelming, discouraging and sometimes even frightening. Many times survivors have no previous education in how to maneuver this very raw and confusing maze. Please know there are folks like Stacia who can help make this journey a lot easier and I guarantee you will most likely learn to laugh at the creative ways our brain works! On a side note, take advantage of Stacia's speaking engagements - you won’t be disappointed.

Candace T., Survivor

I first met Stacia when I walked into her brain injury support group about four years ago. She immediately came over to me, introduced herself and welcomed me to the group. I rarely missed a meeting after that. Stacia’s presence was so calming, her words always carefully chosen and eloquent. I always felt as if her comments in response to the group were a gift just for me. I waited for them in anticipation. Her smile lights up a room. Her kindness and empathy know no bounds. I am blessed to have had this woman enter my life and am fortunate to call her my friend.

Julie N., Survivor

I met Stacia through my speech therapist. Stacia came to one of my speech appointments and talked with me regarding head injuries and issues related to head injuries. She was the first person I met with and spoke with, one on one, who has a head injury. She let me take the lead with my questions and she guided me through the conversation when I couldn't speak because of my emotions. Stacia's instinct on what I needed to hear or know about was spot on. Stacia shared how we could stay in contact with one another. Stacia has met with me in person and speaks with me over the phone to this day. She is a resource, part of my support system, a person to turn to with anything. Her kindness, generosity, honesty, support, non-judgmental personality, sincerity...knows no bounds. From the first time I met her to now she always has an open heart and you know and can feel how she cares about you. Having Stacia enter and be a part of my life has been a true blessing. I will always be grateful to know her.

Rachel K., Survivor

Pioneer Valley Brain Injury Support Group - Hadley, MA

Thank you so very much for the wonderful presentation.  As expected you not only covered the themes we had discussed but your presentation style obviously had a captivating effect on the audience. I can't recall another presentation that grabbed and held their attention the way yours did.

Larry Cervelli., Support Group Facilitator

You are certainly a gifted speaker, and I admire you for finding your mission!

TBI survivor

BIA-MA 36th Annual Conference – Marlborough, MA

This year’s conference received rave reviews, with the highest rating in 36 years.”  Said one survivor, "This conference just keeps getting better and better!"  The evaluation comments indicated that “all aspects of this conference - keynote, workshops and exhibitors - provided information that will enable the road to recovery from brain injury.

VINFEN Annual Family Celebration – Dorchester, MA 


You have a powerful, eloquent presence at the podium with an important story that inspires and informs.

Marybeth Vargus, Director of Family and Advocacy

Head Injury Community Services Annual Conference – Quincy, MA

You both did an excellent job and we have heard a lot of positive feedback (particularly how you both could go back and forth with each other during your presentation).  You both were knowledgeable, prepared, and appropriately paced.  You helped make our conference great this year and we really appreciate your willingness to take the time to do this on our behalf.  It has been a pleasure working with you both.

Ben Jackson, Assistant Program Director

You have a powerful, eloquent presence at the podium with an important story

that inspires and informs.

Marybeth Vargus, Director of Family and Advocacy

VINFEN Annual Family Celebration – Dorchester, MA 

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